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When we first stepped onto the scene ten years ago, people were looking for 3D modeling that could breathe new life into their project, with a level of clarity and understanding never before seen. ZUM3D answered this call, and we have since led the industry in offering stunning, brilliantly crafted visuals that don’t fail to impress, while capturing every last detail. As the very first company to combine the newest technology with an award-winning team, we are confident in our ability to take your project to the next level.

What makes ZUM3D different is that our visualization process is more than surface deep. Our renderings, animations, interactive web apps and advertisements come from the trust and understanding built with those we work with. Just ask the people who know best—we have an impressive list of high-profile clients from all over the world. As you take your fist steps through our photo-realistic 3D models, you will discover new aspects of your project that you could have never imagined.

our services

3D MODELING – Our unique 3D modelling processes connects real world data to the most captivating 3D special effects. Our renderings and animations are photo-realistic, fully immersive, and totally customizable, allowing us to capture everything down to the smallest detail.

PRODUCTION – We pride ourselves on creating digital environments that go beyond your expectations. Whether we need to use high-flying drones, or use motion capture of live actors, we spare no expense to find the perfect solutions to real problems.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES – The most up-to-date technologies continually bring new possibilities in marketing and visualization to the forefront. Our continued leadership in the industry means that we are well-versed in new media of all kinds, and are eager to bring our expertise to your project.


Still Image Renderings

Photo-montage Renderings

App design development


Video Editing

Time-lapse video

3D Printing

Drone photography & video

Website design & development

Green Screen of Live Actors

Helicopter photography & video

Augmented Reality development

Michael Semmen

Michael Semmen


Michael has been honing his expertise in the global AEC industry for over 14 years, with a career leading top-tier architecture and visualization firms. With Screampoint LLC, he pioneered the next generation of visualization technology, being the first to bring new digital solutions to problems of city planning and building design. He has worked on the most high-profile projects including the first wave of San Fransisco Apple outlet stores, the WTC memorial, and Calatrava PATH Station. Co-founding ZUM3D in 2001, he brought his expertise to an updated, more user-friendly platform, where he now continues to leave his mark on important projects across the world.

The driving force behind ZUM3D’s constant development, Michael offers thought leadership and serves as a major linchpin for the business’ growing network. He works one-on-one with clients to build lasting relationships and has the unique ability of getting to the heart of the matter, while developing a mutual understanding of your project.

As a person who is constantly challenging himself, you can find Michael spending his free time training for Marathons and skiing at Lake Tahoe. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the San Francisco Planning Urban Research Association (SPUR) where he maintains his direct connection with the industry, on a local level.

Wendy Cohn

Wendy Cohn


Wendy has been in the industry for over 20 years and offers a mountain of experience, connections, and business savvy to the team. As part of Ruth Messinger’s Manhatten Land Use staff, Wendy found a way to bring visualization tech to city review processes. Recognizing an opportunity, she co-founded Screampoint LLC, which streamlined and revolutionized the industry. She has left a lasting impact as a person who brings innovative solutions to the forefront. Ultimately taking her ingenuity and know-how to ZUM3D, she continues this work today.

Wendy provides bigger-picture thinking, using her business acumen to oversee long-term growth and development of ZUM3D. She heads-up customer relations on the east coast, expanding the company’s further than ever before. Understanding how technology is actually used in the field, she serves as an important ambassador between ZUM3D’s talent pool and the clients who can most benefit from their services.

Before moving into the world of architectural modeling, Wendy obtained her BA in marine biology. Her love of the water and her connection to the coast affords her a true appreciation of the beach.

Joel Galang

Joel Galang

Director of Production

Joel has experience working with the ZUM3D team before the company was founded, lending his technical expertise in architectural visualization and his team-oriented leadership style. During his 14 years of experience in the field, he has become well acquainted with all of the major digital modeling tools of the industry, and uses them to reach top-tier potential in his work. With his photographic eye, and innate sense of design and creativity, his renderings incorporate everything down to the smallest detail, from subtle surface textures to small architectural quirks.

As a dedicated connoisseur of subtle qualities, he enjoys the experience of fine wine. Travelling to different regions, he takes in all of the little elements that coalesce into the perfect experience. With art as well as wine, the ability to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary lies in the process and the attention to detail.

Lorena Morales

Lorena Morales

Marketing Manager

Lorena thinks globally, working around the world to lend her expertise in visual design to an impressive list of businesses and non-profits in Latin America and the US, as well as with ZUM3D’s creative team in Eastern Europe. Her training in International Marketing and Industrial Design makes her the perfect candidate to lead efforts in brand visualization and communication strategies for companies that want to bring something new to the table.

Since Lorena began her work with ZUM3D in 2014, she has taken charge of their rebranding process. Working hand-in-hand with the company founders she created a totally new identity that represents the company’s cutting-edge vision. She connects new markets with ZUM3D’s unique talent, to bring the best services to as many people as possible.

Looking to the future, Lorena is pursuing a second master’s degree in Strategic Design Management. Always busy, she is a member of the Professional Association for Design (AIGA), the American Marketing Association, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) and the Commercial Real Estate Development Association (NAIOP).